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    Enter Bova gene ID (e.g., Bova1_5.0003.g87, Bova1_5.0023.g94.t1, Bova1_4.0082.g39 (Bova1_4 ids will redirect to Bova1_5)):


  • genomic bases: 91,597,139
  • genomic sequences: 4,989
  • genome N50: 233,527
  • predicted genes: 13,762 (18,661 gene models, some genes include multiple isoforms)


  • Bova1.5.fa.gz (genomic scaffolds)
  • Bova1.5.cds.gz (gene models)
  • Bova1.5.aa.gz (protein models)
  • Bova1.5.gff.gz (genomic annotation)
  • Bova_apical_organ_rep1.fa.gz(assembled RNA-Seq)
  • Bova_apical_organ_rep2.fa.gz(assembled RNA-Seq)
  • Bova_apical_organ_rep3.fa.gz(assembled RNA-Seq)
  • Bova_comb_rows_rep1.fa.gz(assembled RNA-Seq)
  • Bova_comb_rows_rep2.fa.gz(assembled RNA-Seq)
  • Bova_comb_rows_rep3.fa.gz(assembled RNA-Seq)

    ABOUT Beroe ovata

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    ABOUT BovaDB

    These data were generated by the following researchers at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience:
    Alexandra Hernandez, Melissa DeBiasse, Lana Dykes, Allison Edgar,
    Mark Martindale, Joseph Ryan
    A publication is forthcoming.